Coasts OCR

Case Studies Overview Sheet_Coasts
Revision Overview Sheet

Flamborough Head Case Study Sheet (Holderness Coast)
Flamborough Head Case Study Sheet_Answers

Case Study Sheet_Nile
Map Nile
Power Point – build the Nile out of SWEETS!!!

Definitions Sheet
Definitions Sheet Answers
Map New Zealand
A3 New Zealand Case Study Sheet

Coasts AQA

Organise your folder with spec headings
Case Studies Overview sheet
Essay questions per spec point (not finished but still a lot here to do)
Coasts RAG and revise
Coasts Revision Summary Sheet A3 Mind map
Coasts all landforms revision worksheet to complete (this is looong but helpful)
Exam questions to complete for revision

A Plastic Ocean Documentary Question Sheets:
Question sheet
Answer sheet
Further work on documentary