Power and Borders

OCR Specification:
Resources can be used independently by students with the yellow Hodder text book
Best used in Word not google docs

Case Study Overview Sheet
Examples Overview

Lesson 1:
Kurdish Nationalism
A3 sheet

Lesson 2:
Basque Nationalism
A3 Sheet
Supranational Organisations
GeoFile 774_UN

Lesson 3: (lessons made in 2018/9 and not updated due to changing spec to AQA so possibly out of date due to Russia – Ukraine war – some fundamentals & history remains the same)
A3 Sheet
Ukraine Worksheet
Ukraine Obvious Implications – satirical cartoons and infographics
Ukraine 1 Pager

Lesson 4:
A3 Sheet

Lesson 5:
A3 Sheet – South Sudan
South Sudan Map sheet
South Sudan 1 pager
GeoFile 727_South Sudan
Ceasefire agrement original

Lesson 6:
A3 Sheet
Order the words game – from short term and long term table in book

Lesson 7:
A3 Sheet
Map Sheet Mali
Mali 1 pager

Revision Posters:
UN Poster
Revision of terms
Global Governance Poster