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GeographyJog provides resources for students and facilitators of learning.

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Reading List:
A Geography reading list for GCSE and A level students is available via goodreads.com click on a book on the right then “GeographyJog’s Reviews”. There are a range of topics and styles, both fiction & non-fiction can teach you valuable things about the world.

Over the course of your studies we recommend reading at least one book for human and one for physical. At GCSE this might be “Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning” by George Monbiot or “Haiti: After the Earthquake” by Paul Farmer, and “The State of Africa” by Martin Meredith. At A level, one book per topic would be ideal, as well as reading around the case studies / learning examples.

It is also advisable to read news from sources such as: The Economist or The Week
Or if reading isn’t your thing there are plenty of YouTube channels to learn from like: Vox, SciShow, Al Jazeera, Crash Course.